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Our Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal is made in the Ozarks of Southern Missouri.  We also have Bio-Char fines available.  The wood used to manufacture the lump charcoal and Bio-Char fines is a mixture of hardwoods that are primarily oak and hickory.   

Hardwood slab bundles used to make lump charcoal are a waste product created by sawmills when trees are turned into lumber.

Image: View inside kiln full of slabs before door is secured.

A controlled burning process bakes the wood to remove tar and sap, leaving behind only carbon.

Image: View inside kiln full of charcoal after the door is removed

Image: View into a draft on a kiln with red hot coals

Most of our charcoal is sold wholesale to gourmet lump retailers and the restaurant industry. Our hardwood lump charcoal produces a long-lasting, hot burning fire that adds a great smoke flavor to grilled and smoked foods.

Image: Unbagged lump charcoal

We bag our lump charcoal in 20 pound and 40 pound bags.

Image: Views of Front, Side and Back of a 20 pound bag of Timber Charcoal Co. LLC lump charcoal.

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