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The Timber Charcoal Co. LLC carries on a proud family tradition of creating high quality lump charcoal.  Our high quality lump charcoal is the result of many years of experience.  R.Q. Hamilton started his charcoal business in 1960.  R.Q.'s son, Quinten, continued the family tradition when he took over the operation of the business in 1975.   

In 1979, Quinten and Quinten's wife, Judy, bought their own charcoal company.  When EPA air quality regulations limiting the amount of smoke and soot caused many small operators to leave the charcoal business, Timber Charcoal Co. LLC developed a pollution control system to capture and destroy the smoke created during the charcoal creation process.  

Chris and Todd, two of Quinten and Judy's sons, continue the lump charcoal family tradition by handling the day-to-day operations for the business. The family tradition is moving to the next generation as well.  Chris's son, Alex, also now works at the company.  Timber Charcoal Co. LLC combines an environmentally safe, modern processing procedure along with traditional techniques to create a superior product.  

Timber Charcoal Co. LLC is one of the last independent producers of lump charcoal in the United States.